The Anti-Displacement Tax Fund Program

On Wednesday, April 12, 2017, the City of Atlanta and the Westside Future Fund announced the Anti-Displacement Tax Fund program. The Fund is meant to combat potential displacement due to new developments on the Westside of Atlanta. This initiative will pay qualifying homeowners' property tax increases for the next 20 years in the following neighborhoods:

  • Ashview Heights
  • Atlanta University Center
  • English Avenue
  • Vine City

Participants of the program are not required to pay back any money given by the fund. Payments begin in 2018 and applicants must apply annually. See our eligibility map to view your estimated property taxes!


Click the link below to view your eligibility and property tax estimates!                                                                                                                                                                                   

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible for participation in the program, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Participants must be a homeowner
  2. Participants must be currently living in the home
  3. Participants must have no outstanding leans or property taxes due on the house
  4. Participants must live in the Vine City, English Avenue, Ashview Heights, or Atlanta University Center neighborhoods
  5. Participants Must have an annual household income below 100% area median income (AMI)
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